Problem Solved…I guess

I never thought that I will have a blog site one day. Even if I created this out of fun, I decided to continue this. After all, I never considered myself a quitter. 🙂

For the past days, I have been thinking on what to write on my posts. I tried thinking of topics that I want to share in the Internet. I have considered writing about my daily life..but nah..I want my life to be private. Besides, I don’t really have an interesting life..that is. I’m pretty sure..if I tell what happen to me everyday would be boring to most. My thoughts and feelings of my daily life should be shared privately and with special people alone.

I could write about other people but I have discarded the idea for the reason that I find talking about other people’s life is gossip. Not that I don’t do it but again I would want to do it with people I trust.

I also considered writing about love. Well, I’m in love so why not. But then having a special person in your life does not make one an expert about love. I don’t have that many experience to share. I admit I am a newbie in this area but I am proud to say that everyday I am learning. I do not have a perfect relationship. We have ups and downs. Fears, worries, doubts I have that but above all those feelings, I am happy and blessed. Well I’d rather stop here about love, I might say things that I would rather keep in private. 🙂

Finally, after a lot of thinking I decided to write about funny things. It could be something I find funny in the Internet, in the streets, funny people I meet, funny experiences, blooper moments..yeah all things I find funny…I love to be happy.

Well, so that’s it, Let’s spread happiness… 🙂

P.S. Things may be funny to me but not to you. Different folks, different strokes. So feel free to ignore my post.

Till next time 🙂


The Big Problem..

I have a problem. I do not know what to write on my blog. 🙂

I created this out of fun…

hmm …what should I write?…thinking…we’ll I think Ill have to wait until I find something interesting to write. I’m happy that I have a blog though…

Till next time.. 🙂